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Did You Know?

The [Downtown] Metropolitan Redevelopment Area is a safe, vibrant activity center for the Four Corners region where people can live, work and play as a community.

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency is the catalyst for creating renewed energy and vitality in the area it serves through plan development and implementation.

The New Mexico Metropolitan Redevelopment Code provides cities in New Mexico with the powers to correct conditions in areas or neighborhoods within municipalities which "substantially inflict or arrest the sound and orderly development" within the city. These powers can help reverse an area's decline and stagnation; however, the City may only use these powers within designated Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas.



Farmington envisions a greater role for its Main Street so it can be a place to create and allow the sense of community to flourish. A photo visin illustrating how Main Street can be revitalized, moving beyond the sole function of moving people [incars} from point A to point B, to a place for people, adding value to the community and adjacent land.