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Under state statutes, municipalities in New Mexico have the authority to plan for and redevelop areas that have become older and rundown. As development historically shifted away from downtowns to outlying areas, many downtowns lost their status as centers for retail, business, and housing in many U. S. communities, and many downtowns deteriorated and lost their economic vitality.


The New Mexico Municipal Redevelopment Code gives cities the authority to invest in these areas by creating private/public partnerships, offering incentives, and developing projects aimed at stimulating redevelopment activities and private investment in an effort to reinvigorate the area’s economy.


In 2007, the City of Farmington designated its downtown neighborhoods, including Downtown, the Civic Center neighborhood, and the Animas District, as a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA).

The Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency oversees the revitalization efforts in the MRA.  The Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency Commission consists of: Derald Poston (Chair); Dr. Carletta Thompson (Vice-Chair); Linda Barbeau; George Sharpe; and, Tom Taylor.


The City of Farmington Community Development Department provides staff support to the Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency.  For more information, please contact:  Cindy Lopez- Title, Phone Number


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Board Members


• Derald Polston, Chair

• Linda Barbeau, Member

• Dr. John McNeill, Member

• Doug Dykeman, Member

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